A Study on Cultural Adaptation of Foreign Academics in Korean Higher Education


This project investigates how foreign academics are culturally adapting in Korean higher education after they are hired as full-time academics. This project focuses on how foreign academics adapt differently and or similarly according to their origins of home country, their affiliated academic disciplines, their current institutional contexts and leadership style of their affiliated university.
Funding supports
  • Research Duration
    Two yearss (July, 2018- June, 2019)
  • Funded by
    National Research Foundation of Korea
Core Research Members

  • Prof. Jung Cheol Shin (Seoul National University)
  • Prof. Kiyong Byun (Korea University)
  • Prof. Douglas R. Gress (Seoul National University)
  • Prof. Jang Wan Ko (Sungkyunkwan University)
  • Prof. Byung Shik Rhee (Yonsei University)
  • Dr. Heejin Lim (Seoul National University)