Higher Education Governance for Knowledge and Technology-Led Economic Development in South Asia


This project aims to examine ways to support economic development in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka through establishing supportive coordination and governance with the funding supports from the Asian Development Bank. This project investigates and identifies salient features of the socio-economic background, higher education governance, status quo of human resource development and research capacity and coordination bodies of selected countries. Based on this information, this project provides recommendations for enhancing governance and coordination in general and for each country.
Funding supports
  • Research Duration
    Two months (Oct, 2018- Feb, 2019)
  • Funded by
    Asian Development Bank
Core Research Members

  • Prof. Jung Cheol Shin (Seoul National University)

Research Members

  • Xin Li (Seoul National University)
  • Bo-Kyung Byun (Seoul National University)
  • Inhye Nam (Seoul National University)